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About Us

Where the picturesque Carpathian valley lays, where you hear a song in the expanse and rapid is the flow of the river, the Ukrainian shirt is decorated with abundant embroidery - an amazing piece of art and cultural heritage of our people. So let us warmly welcome you in our studio! Here you will find a huge selection of embroidered shirts for every day, for a holiday or for a special occasion.

We are very proud of our craft. For us embroidery is not just decoration of a fabric with colored threads. It is reflection of dignity of the Ukrainian nation, its consciousness, the spirit of our native land and our country.

Someone outs on an embroidered shirt to emphasize his patriotic feelings; for the other clothing in ethnic style is already a fashion trend. And for someone embroidered shirt is a close interlacing of colorful gimps with ancient traditions and culture of native land. Yes, embroidered clothing enjoys incredible demand today. Yet, there is a hidden mystery in an embroidered shirt, magic energy that you may feel just when you put the shirt on and feel its pleasant touch to your body.

By the way, shirts with abundant national embroidery are interesting not only for Ukrainians. When traveling about our country, tourists gladly buy embroidered clothes and towels - inalienable symbols of Ukraine that demonstrate originality and flavor of our country. Therefore embroidered shirt and towel will be a wonderful gift to your family or friends living abroad.

Just look at a beauty that is created in our studio! And it's not just a shirt or towel decorated with colorful embroidery. These are things that in the hands of talented masters are transformed into a work of art. Embroidered shirts and towels captivate with their perfect composition and combination of colors. No matter, if a shirt is embroidered with colored or white gimps- it is always unique. By the way, our masters use only high-quality natural fabrics, gimps and, of course, only positive designs.