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We are Ukrainians. Our people are hardworking and rich in talents. We sing sonorously and clamorously. We work up a sweat, if we create something – it will be surely something incredible, exciting and amazing!

Embroidered shirts, towels and tablecloths, keeping warmth of mother's arms and parental home, passed through the centuries and became a spiritual symbol of our nation. For in each stitch, in each pattern there is a picturesque world of folk masters, immensity and depth of heartfelt feelings to those whose souls do not become hard-hearted.

Since time immemorial, embroidered shirts and towels were given as a talisman, as a manifestation of love and respect. Today Ukrainian embroidery is not just an integral part of the wardrobe of every Ukrainian. It is world famous national brand - clothes that are worn with pleasure in Ukraine and abroad. Embroidered shirts can be worn on holiday, at work or even on a fashionable party. It is interesting, that elements of Ukrainian ethnic garments even are used by world couture designers in their fashion collections.

You can buy exclusive an embroidered shirt that will be a valuable gift to a friend. For each one is a true work of art, result of a fiddly work of our talented masters, warmth and generosity of the Ukrainian soul.

We wish you well, peace, harmony and love in every home! As they say, let the fate is spread for you like embroidered towels!

Маленькая украиночка

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